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Sarah Trettin

Veterinary Assistant


I wasn’t able to do my job as veterinary assistant anymore. Since I am using the products, I feel healthier. I am fitter, more motivated and I have a short regeneration time. And my skin texture has changed. The negative energy from the past has completely vanished.


I am Sarah, 34 years old and a single mom. I live together with my son and our dog in beautiful Lübeck, Germany. In addition to the challenge of raising a child alone, I had a serious riding accident with three fractured spines many years ago. I narrowly avoided sitting in a wheelchair. I wasn’t able to do my job as veterinary assistant anymore. I came to a point where I knew that I needed to change my life. With PM, my life changed for the better. I feel healthier and more motivated. I have also built a great team with people who I would like to not only spend my free time with but also work together.


Sven Weiß

PM Team Partner


Some years ago, I decided to start this business after all. This was the best decision for myself and my family. Everything changed, because we could build our business flexibly from home. Today, I have enough time for my son and my wife.


My name is Sven Weiss. I am from Lichtenfels, in the beautiful Upper Franconian region of Bavaria. I grew up with my father and grandmother. I moved around with my father a lot. I switched jobs many times. And then, my dad died at a very young age. I went back to my hometown where I met my wife Janine and we have our son Louis. With PM-International we have the flexibility to work whenever, wherever and with whomever we want. Without this opportunity we couldn’t have started a family. This means for us a better quality of life and is one of the greatest assets.



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